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Merry Christmas!

A song for you!

Santa This is a funny recording of St. Nick laughing the tune of Jingle Bells. Its most recent appearance was on a CD called Christmas Comedy Classics, which was released in 1985. Someone I contacted on the Net told me he has it on a 45 rpm single, but did not have the date. This CD is out of print and nearly impossible to find (in my experience). I did finally find one on GEMM, which is a good site to know about for difficult music items:

Not only disc availability, but mp3 availability is sorely lacking as far as I can tell. Therefore I am making it available so other people won't have to go through the struggles I went through trying to find this song. Right click the link and choose "Save target as." The download should take about 8 minutes on a 56k modem (it's 1.3 MB). Jingle Bells (Laughing All the Way) - St. Nick

If anyone knows more information about this song, such as when it first came out or any other information that people might find interesting, please email me and I will post it here.

Reader comments

Yule from Japan wrote on 12/26/2006: This is an information from a posted message on the internet so the certainty is not exact, but I read that the first appearance of this song was in 1981 as "Jingle Bells (Laughing All the Way)/ST. NICK" (Warner Bros. 49877)
Chris from Ottawa wrote on 11/01/2007: I had this 45. I think it is still packed away somewhere but 1981 Warner Bros. sounds about right. I will try to find it. The B-side was called "Tuba Recital" or something and was basically a guy laughing hysterically while trying to play the tuba in front of a live audience. I remember it was so contagious you couldn't listen to it without breaking out laughing yourself. Would love to hear that again, if I can find it.
Brian Bollinger wrote on 12/23/2008: Here is some information: Jingle Bells (Laughing all the way) c1981 Warner Brothers Released as a 45 by Curb Records Item: WBS49877 St. Nick Performed by Just for Laughs Players Produced by Larry Robins & Danny O-Keefe for One B Managements. I have the 45 (but no longer have a turn table). I will try to find someone that does.

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